Saturday, October 17, 2009

wake me up while i still got time..

i just piss IT off..n starting screwd up maa life..can scumbody plz throw at me sum granite plz..coz i think datz de only way 2 cure advce??2 me..just dun effected me at all..bumbling at me?..stop it..dun waste ur enrgy..still not gonna work..but thnxx 4 de effort..hahaaa..hmmmm..everthg seems so fuzzy 2's start from nowhere..pumm!!'s just started without i realised n its already starting eating me..every step i t8..i t8 it with hesitant..hesitancy wounded me..i spend all my little time thingking..n keep thingking..and in my thinking's just bout emptiness datz i de hell am i duinG?..n still i mumbling bout it here..sengal² my time keeps walking without me..or de truth is i never stop walking?..just lke time passing never just keep tik tok all de tme without notice..or it's just me de 1 dat dun bothered bout it?..ya allh..plz show me de way..way of path dat i just left behind..all diz thing keep bothering me..haunt me down.."dun break maa heart" datz wat de thing i really dun 1 2 do..but i kept duin it..sowi luvers..neither how much i told maa self..i still cannt wake maa self up from diz nghtmare..coz now..i'm totally [ [ L O S S] ]

1 comment:

  1. meh sini. rase penampar sulong aku
    buat julung2 kalinya.

    kaw neyh, mg nak kne sergah smpai tacing
    bru sume keje jalan. da 21 tahun la. xbyk mse lagi.
    pk untuk majukan dri sndri boleh?
    lantak la org nak kta pe...